The Sorcers - a horror tale to play on your mind

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coupleAn older couple. A younger man. What would happen if they discovered a way to live out their wicked fantasies through him? Knowing they can commit whatever crime they wanted without fear of being held accountable, just how far will they go, and can they be stopped?

Boris KarloffBoris Karloff plays aging Professor Marcus Monserrat, a well known hypnotherapist who, with good intentions, creates a machine that he believes will take hypnotherapy to all new levels.

He and his wife excitedly try the machine out on an unsuspecting bored guy and discover that the machine surpasses their expectations of what it can do - for, they discovered that they can not only experience their subject's every thought and sensation, but at any moment they can take control of his mind and cause him to do whatever they want him to do, and in so doing, experience a thrill like no other.

But the wife (Estelle, played by Catherine Lacey) seems to like it too much and her strong will overcomes the will of her husband, and she gets off by making the young man do things he wouldn't otherwise do. First she has him steal her a fur coat. What does she have him do next?

Overcome by greed and desire, her evil side is brought forth and she begins to toss inhibitions away, much to the dismay of her husband, who is determined - somehow - to stop her from committing atrocities by way of their subject. But she's on to the old Doc - and she ties him up to keep him from interfering and destroys the machine so that no one can use it to take her new powers away. She then continues to madly engage in causing an innocent person to commit increasingly heinous crimes that he, not her, stands to be held accountable for if caught.

The movie has the perfect ending for the type of tale it tells, and gives thoughtful viewers much to ponder.

PLEASE NOTE: This production is not intended for younger viewers - the overall content is definitely geared for mature audiences. There are some scenes that may be a little too provocative, but overall not a bad movie at all.

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